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FAQ - Service

Do you have to service the pool every week?

Weekly service is essential to maintain a great looking, healthy, sparkling pool. Consistency is vital to your pool’s overall health.


How can I find a professional pool store in my area?

Use's Find a Pool Professional locator found on each page of this website.


How can I make sure pool construction stays on schedule and on budget?

You should always agree on a detailed budget and estimated timeline before you sign a contract with a professional pool builder. Obviously, unforeseen factors can alter the schedule and sometimes impact the budget. For example, weather, customer change requests, permit delays, etc. can all affect the project, but a good builder will communicate and coordinate with you throughout the project to ensure successful pool construction and complete customer satisfaction.

Never be afraid to ask your builder: Are we still on schedule? Are we within budget?


How do I select the best company for my pool renovation?

Interview your prospective renovation company carefully. What is the main focus of their work? Do they have references? Hiring a pool renovation contractor requires careful thought and consideration if you want the job done to perfection within your budget.

Make a list of contractors of who your friends and associates have referred. Get all estimates from each pool renovation contractor separately, with as much details as possible. Ask them to break down each work schedule detailing the labor and material involved with cost for each component of work involved to give you an overall picture of what lies in store.

Ask the contractor about his labor pool and who will be supervising the work on daily basis. This is very important because a professional pool renovation contractor will have an experienced team of labor specializing in different areas of the work, like concrete lining, lighting, and chlorination specialist. If the contractor cannot satisfy you about his labor force, stay clear off him or you will have cost and time overruns.

A supervisor to direct the work is also essential and advisable and you should insist on it. Check whether permits, if required are already built into the estimate or an additional cost to be incurred by you. Also ask whether he will get all the necessary permits on your behalf before the work begins and how much time is required for all these permits. Selecting the right pool renovation contractor will give you peace of mind and a sparkling new pool to be proud of.


How much does do-it-yourself pool maintenance cost?

With the recent rise in the cost of chemicals, the monthly expense of chemicals will average $50 - $60. There is also the extra cost of your time - putting aside time every week to clean the pool, making trips to your local pool supply store, when you would probably rather be spending time with your family. Your time is too valuable, so let a pool professional do the work, and spend the time in your pool.

With every product or service, price is always a consideration. However, you should consider value for your dollars spent, as opposed to the simple bottom line. Ensure that any pool professional you consider hiring is properly licensed and insured for your state or municipality, and is water chemistry trained or certified. Look for members of professional affiliations that offer continuing educational opportunities.


Isn’t it easier to just take care of the pool myself?

Taking care of your pool yourself is always an option. Proper pool maintenance does however, require weekly supervision. All of the chemical levels such as; Chlorine, Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, P.H. and T.D.S must be consistently maintained to have a safe swimming environment.

In addition, pool professionals are trained to notice any changes in the performance of the pool. They can then immediately troubleshoot any problems and put into action a repair plan to bring your pool back up to 100%.


My pool has plumbing and/or electrical issues. What should I do?

For electrical or plumping issues, contact your pool professional - electricians and plumbers are not usually versed in the special needs of a swimming pool or spa. Your pool professional can advise you as to whether a plumber or electrician is needed to resolve your specific issue.


Should I hire a professional landscape architect to work on my landscape?

Besides tree limbing, there are many other specialty tasks for which you may want to hire professionals. For instance, you may wish to hire an arborist to have a prize tree pruned properly. "Limbing" and "pruning" are entirely different operations. You may even want to have a landscape architect or landscape designer to re-do your entire landscape.


What kind of work will a landscape architect perform?

Many people wonder how to find a landscape architect. But an even more fundamental question must be answered first: do you need to hire a professional, or can you get the job done yourself? Besides tree limbing, there are many other specialty tasks for which you may want to hire professionals.

For instance, you may wish to hire an arborist to have a prize tree pruned properly. "Limbing" and "pruning" are entirely different operations. You may even want to have a landscape architect or landscape designer to re-do your entire landscape. Some projects demand such highly specialized skills that you have little choice but to hire professionals; for instance, installing driveways.

Nonetheless, you can still make an informed decision before hiring someone by doing your homework. The decision of do-it-yourself versus hiring landscape architects and other professionals largely depends on your budget and personal tastes. Even many people who can afford to hire a landscape architect prefer to do the work themselves, because they find it relaxing, challenging and satisfying.


What should I expect from my pool and hot tub professional?

You should expect that your pool professional will orient you to your equipment, share safety concerns, and notify you of any issues that can become costly repairs later. True professionals will strive to provide you quiet enjoyment of your yard and swimming pool or hot tub during service calls. Your professional is not a pool cleaner today - he is an equipment specialist and a water chemist.

You should expect clean, chemically balanced water, and quiet, efficient running equipment. They should always be available to assist you with any warranty concerns and be available to you by phone during business hours to answer your concerns directly, or return your call promptly. Finally, you should always receive detailed estimates and invoices.


Why should I hire a landscaper? Couldn't I do the work myself?

An enthusiastic amateur with reasonable DIY skills could easily tackle many landscape tasks. However, a trained professional will know which materials to use, what plants are ideal for your environment and how to get the best out of your outdoor space. An experienced landscaper will also be able to accurately estimate projects, anticipate problems and be less prone to costly mistakes or delays.


Why should I hire a pool service company?

A professional pool service company can protect the valuable investment that is your pool or spa's surface through properly working equipment and water chemistry, as well as allowing you to enjoy your pool instead of chasing down chemicals, educating yourself and making time to try to care for it yourself. Once your pool is in trouble, it is probably already going to be necessary to call out a pool professional to solve the problem anyway. Avoiding algae and equipment problems is the reason to hire a professional in the first place.

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