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FAQ - Safety

Do I have to completely remove the swimming pool cover before swimming?

Be sure to completely remove pool covers before entering the swimming pool to go swimming. A partially covered swimming pool is a hazard for children, who can become trapped underneath the cover. If you are swimming, remove the cover completely from the area inside the swimming pool fence. When replacing it on the top of the swimming pool, be sure to completely and securely fasten the cover back onto the top of the pool to avoid any hazards.


Do I need a fence around my spa or hot tub?

Yes, a pool fence should also enclose the area around a spa or hot tub.


Do I need a safety barrier around my above ground swimming pool?

Yes. You can place a safety barrier around the stairs or construct a small fence around the top perimeter of the pool.


How do I know if my pool fence satisfies local legislation requirements?

When you purchase a fence, choose a product that is designed and manufactured in compliance with safety guidelines. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has published a document to help choose a safety fence. Find the latest information from the CPSC.


How do pool safety nets work?

A pool safety net is stretched above the pool and anchored to the deck of the pool. If a child falls into a pool, the netting system keeps them dry. The mesh of a pool safety net is also small enough so that a toddler’s head or body cannot fit through it.


How will a pool safety net affect my automatic pool cleaner?

It will not affect your automatic pool cleaner at all as the net sits about 6 inches above the water level. In fact, a safety pool net will not even affect a floating pool chlorinator.


How will a safety fence affect the use of my pool?

Pool safety fences are designed to keep children and pets away from danger, but allow an adult to quickly access the pool to swim or maintain it. Self-closing and self-latching systems on pool gates are convenient, yet keep the pool secure.


In addition to a barrier, what other form of protection should I consider for pool safety?

Another good child safety barrier is an alarm system for the pool area. Try installing alarms on all doors leading up to your pool area. This can include screen or glass doors opening onto your patio and any other exit/entrance around your pool area. This type of child safety product can alert you when a door has been opened unexpectedly and can prevent potential life-threatening situations.


Should I add handrails to my pool during a remodel for safety?

Safety handrails are another pool safety product that homeowners should use in conjunction with a pool barrier. They can be installed in any area around the swimming pool. Most handrails are stainless steel to keep them from rusting or being damaged from constant contact with water and the heat of the sun. Handrails promote proper techniques for getting in and out of the swimming pool and can help children and older swimmers.


Should I install locks on my pool safety fence?

Yes, install two locks on your safety fence that are both well out of range for a small child. Make sure that the locks are too complicated for a child to open – ensuring that only an adult can unlock the fence to enter the pool area.


What are the advantages of installing a pool safety fence?

Pool safety fences can be customized to secure every pool – whether your pool is an irregular shape of multi-level. Removable fences can be installed when the pool is used and removed within minutes while it is winterized.


What are the advantages of pool safety nets?

Pool safety nets are customized to fit any pool. They are very easy for an adult to remove or replace. Safety nets also make the pool very accessible for an adult to chemically maintain.


What is a wristwatch alarm?

There may be a time when your child gains access to the swimming pool area, regardless of a pool safety fence. There are several precautionary measures you can take to alert you when there are signs of trouble. One idea is to give your child a wristwatch alarm.

A unique device that acts as an alarm and is no bigger than a wristwatch can help to save your child's life if he/she inadvertently falls into the water. If your child falls into the water, the wristwatch alarm sets off a loud alarm at the "base," which is generally located at a central location in the house. This alerts you that your child is in the water and in distress. While the wristwatch alarm is a good preventive measure, it does not take the place of careful spotting. Keep careful watch of children in the pool area at all times.


What is the benefit of a ramp in my swimming pool area?

Installing a ramp off the side of swimming pools can aid a fallen child or person who cannot swim if he/she falls in the pool. It can also save the life of a pet or animal that has fallen in the swimming pool inadvertently. A ramp will provide them with a quick exit from your swimming pool. The ramp should be a non-slippery material with safety features, such as a mesh or netted cover and rails on the sides or towards the top to help a person pull himself out of the water.


What kind of first aid items should I have for water emergencies?

A first aid kit tailored for swimming pool emergencies would contain a first aid guide from the American Medical Association, items to treat cuts and bruises, and eye drops for chlorine irritation. Store the kit in a cool, dry area near the swimming pool.


What kind of water safety items should I have around my pool?

Keep life-saving devices either in the swimming pool or directly next to the pool. You should have a life-jacket, a safety line, a Shepard’s Crook and an inner tube.


What swimming pool safety issues should I consider?

A few safety rules to always remember:

  • Never leave your pool empty for an extended period.

  • Never leave pool gates open. Install self-closers on all gates leading into your yard.

  • If you see water in your pool or hot tub lighting, call a professional immediately.

  • Ensure that you have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) installed where appropriate.

  • Ensure that insulators are properly installed in timer boxes.

  • Never leave children unattended around swimming pools or spas.


What type of winter cover would be recommended for my inground gunite or vinyl liner pool?

We would recommend a solid safety cover for both types of pools. Safety Covers are designed to protect both your pool and your family. Pool covers are manufactured to your specific pool size and shape, when properly installed; the safety cover will help prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets.

These covers also have a drain strip in the center to allow water to flow into the pool without debris. A higher water level in a vinyl liner pool can prevent the liner from floating and a gunite pool could be forced out of the ground if the ground water is greater than the water in the pool.


Will a safety pool net affect my pool use?

The easy removal and replacement of a safety pool net will not affect the time it takes to use your pool. A roller is provided with netting systems so that it is easy to store when the pool is in use. An average adult can remove and replace a safety pool net within five minutes.


Will adding a safety fence around my pool ruin the look of the pool area?

Safety pool fences can be made from many different materials including wood, iron, and vinyl and are available in many colors. Many pool owners consider their safety fence to become a garnishment to their backyard poolscape and not a detriment.

Some models of fencing are also transparent – keeping a clear view available of the pool. If you are truly concerned about the aesthetic impact on the yard, you may want to consider using removable safety fences that can be removed for adult use.

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